EV News Daily: Sion Solar EV Terminated, Audi May Build a Plant in US, VW ID Models More Sustainable

Sono Motors Terminates the Sion Solar EV Program

EV News Daily: Sono Motors Terminates the Sion Solar EV Program
Sono Motors Terminates the Sion Solar EV Program. Source-Sono Motors
  • Sono Motors today announced that it has decided to terminate its Sion Solar EV program but will continue to upscale its technology.
  • The company wants to streamline its business model and focus exclusively on solar business for B2B customers.
  • It will implement a significant cost reduction program and in this course, it intends to sell its resource-intensive Sion program and also plans to lay off approximately 300 employees.
  • Sono Motors had more than 45,000 reservations for the Sion but due to the ongoing financial market instability, it has decided to focus on a capital-light business model.
  • It now aims to launch the next generation of its mass-market-ready retrofit solution, the Solar Bus Kit for cleaner public transportation in the second quarter of 2023. 
  • The company says it has already acquired 23 B2B customers across Europe, Asia, and the US piloting Sono Motors integrated solar technology on a variety of vehicles.
  • Sono Motors had also Recently Secured Funding From EU Commission to advance the development of the Company’s proprietary solar technology.

Original Source – Sono Motors

Audi May Build a Plant in the United States to Tap EV Subsidies

Audi May Build a Plant in the United States to Tap EV Subsidies
Audi May Build a Plant in the United States to Tap EV Subsidies. Source-Audi
  • Audi is the latest automaker planning to build a plant in the United States to take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).
  • Audi Chief Executive, Markus Duesmann in an interview with the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung said, “The IRA has made building a U.S. plant for electric cars very attractive.”
  • He further added that Audi would most likely build a joint plant with the Volkswagen Group.
  • As per a report from the Industry publication Automobilwoche, Volkswagen also plans to build its own plant in the U.S. for the Scout brand.
  • An Audi spokesperson did not confirm the joint plant but said various scenarios are possible and the companies are still evaluating options.
  • The premium auto brand sold around 190,000 cars in the U.S. last year which accounted for 11% of its total sales.
  • Audi plans to produce EVs at all its locations globally by 2030 and as with other carmakers may be it is also thinking that this is the right time to invest in the US in the light of IRA.

Original Source –  Reuters

VW to Make the Interior of the ID. Models Even More Sustainable

Volkswagen to make the interior of the ID. models even more sustainable
Volkswagen to make the interior of the ID. models even more sustainable. Source-Volkswagen
  • Volkswagen as a part of its sustainability strategy is increasing the use of recycled materials in the interior of the ID. models in 2023 to further improve the eco-balance of the vehicles.
  • It will introduce the recycling innovations from the ID. Buzz in the other models of the ID. family. Such as the use of alternative materials made of ocean plastic or old PET bottles and animal-leather-free material in the interior. 
  • The seat cover will be made of Seaqual® yarn, which is comprised of 10 percent collected marine debris and 90 percent recycled PES yarn. This saves 32 percent of CO2 emissions compared with conventional surface materials.
  • Customers will also be offered ArtVelours Eco as a choice of materials for the seat covers, it also has a recycling share of 71 percent.
  • Recycled polyester will be used for the surfaces of the headliner and floor covering. The wheel housing liners, underbody cladding, and the insulating layer of the carpet will be made of Recycled plastics.
  • Volkswagen will no longer use chrome for trim parts on the doors, instrument panel, and steering wheel clip instead, it will be replaced by a liquid paint with a chrome look that has a bio-based binder. 

 Original Source – Volkswagen

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