EV News Daily: Honda EV Charging Network, Scout’s $2 Billion Manufacturing Plant, Subaru New CEO

Scout Motors to Build a $2 Billion Manufacturing Plant in South Carolina

  • Volkswagen Backed Scout Motors to build its first manufacturing plant for all-electric, next-generation trucks and SUVs in Blythewood, which is near Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Scout Motors plans to invest $2 Billion in this manufacturing facility and it will be built on 1,100 acres of area. The groundbreaking is expected to take place in mid-2023.
  • Vehicle production is targeted to begin by the end of 2026 with an annual production capacity of more than 200,000 vehicles and has the potential to generate 4,000 or more permanent jobs.
  • Scout trucks and rugged SUVs assembled in this plant will be built on a newly designed all-electric platform that delivers credible capability and off-road prowess.
  • CEO of Scout Motors Scott Keogh said, โ€œWeโ€™re honored to partner with South Carolina to usher in this new era for Scout, Scout products will honor its heritage while injecting fresh American ingenuity to create a new era of iconic all-purpose vehicles.โ€

Original Source: Governor South Carolina

Honda to Develop Tesla-Like Supercharger Network

EV News Daily: Honda to Develop Tesla-Like Supercharger Network
Honda to Develop Tesla-Like Supercharger Network. Image- Honda
  • Hondaโ€™s Chief Executive, Toshihiro Mibe said, โ€œAs we move toward carbon neutrality, we are focused on electrification and fuel cells – those are the two core components of future mobility.โ€
  • But he also pointed out that, “The charging infrastructure is not at a place that it needs to be for our customers.โ€
  • He further said Honda will eventually invest in developing a network of charging stations, similar to Tesla’s Supercharger network.
  • The Japanese automaker will establish a standalone business unit to oversee the development of Honda’s EV and battery business.
  • Mibe added that Honda is running feasibility studies on everything from chargers and advanced batteries to aerial vehicles and rockets.
  • Honda is exploring new low-carbon e-fuels as well that could help keep combustion engines around – in performance cars, big trucks, and airplanes – for another decade or two.

Original Source: Reuters

Subaru Announces Key Executive Changes

EV News Daily: Subaru Announces Key Executive Changes
Subaru Announces Key Executive Changes Image: Subaru
  • Subaru makes key executive changes to accelerate its EV efforts and remain competitive.
  • The reason being seen behind the overhaul of the management structure of the company is the poor sales figures in the US last year.
  • As of now, Subaru has just one pure-electric model, the Subaru Solterra, to offer in the market while the competitors have at least two, three, or four models to offer.
  • Subaru has also not yet laid any plans to take advantage of the federal tax credit in order to incentivize its customers.

Original Source: Subaru

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