Hongguang Mini EV Cabrio: A New EV Sensation

Hongguang Mini EV Cabrio is a convertible version of the company’s most popular model the Mini EV and it is one of the smallest convertibles that one can buy. The craze and anticipated demand for the adorable Cabrio EV is such that it is not available for open sale and will be offered in a lottery style. Usually in a typical sales process customers register their names in the waiting list and deliveries are given on first come first serve basis but this is for the first time interested buyers will have to enter a lottery for a chance to buy their own EV Cabrio.

Zhang Yiqin, head of branding and marketing of Wuling Motors in his statement said that the winners of the lottery won’t be announced before late September and the price has also not been finalized yet. However Yiqin suggested that the Mini EV Cabrio will approximately cost something between 100,000 yuan ($14,513) to 200,000 yuan ($29,026).

The equally cute hardtop version, the Hongguang Mini EV with its affordable pricing and upto four seating option quickly became the world’s most popular electric vehicle and even dethroned the Tesla Model 3 with 426,000 units sold last year.

After multiple requests for a convertible model from the loyal customer base of the brand, Wuling Motors made an announcement to build the convertible EV Cabrio. It was first unveiled back in 2021 at the Shanghai Autoshow and is now headed for production. Wuling motors plans to produce only 100 to 200 units per month of the Mini EV Cabrio in the initial phase.

Considering the sales volume of the popular fixed top Hongguang Mini EV and the cabrio’s limited production forecast, the brand has opted for a lottery system as per our understanding. But it won’t be surprising if  Wuling Motors decides to ramp up monthly production as the demand grows.

The Wuling Hongguang Mini EV convertible with a squarish mini body has a unique style appeal. It will be available with blue, green, and black exterior color options and the soft-top canopy will also be offered in red and black color options.The Mini EV Cabrio is based on the Mini EV Macaron platform and will come in two range options, 200 km (124 miles) and 300 km (186 miles). As per reports, it will have a wheelbase of 2,010 mm and will measure 3,059 mm in length, 1,521 mm in width & 1,614 mm in height.

In comparison to the Mini EV, significant changes in Mini EV Cabrio other than the convertible top include contrasting door inserts, newly designed LED headlights and bigger six-spoke wheels with low-profile tires. Also to mention, both the models vary a lot in terms of price range, the Mini EV Cabrio is expected to be priced from $14,513 whereas the regular Hongguang Mini EV starts from just $4,700. The starting price of $14,513 for Mini EV Cabrio is relatively cheap for a convertible EV but in comparison to the hard top version, it definitely seems costy.

Will the roaring success of the HongGuang Mini EV in China inspire GM to finally produce the affordable electric vehicle in the US? Can the rare electric convertible draw massive consumer interest in the US market? With California state passing a law to ban the sales of gas powered vehicles by 2035, can the Mini EV be a mass market vehicle for the Americans?

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