The Audi Activesphere Concept: The Off-Road Member of the Sphere Family


Audi is a big believer that future of the mobility is electric as well as autonomous and it has unveiled sphere concept cars that represent its vision of the premium mobility for tomorrow. Since August, 2021, Audi has introduced three concept cars in the sphere family- the Audi skyphere, grandsphere and urbansphere concepts. After a sporty roadster, a sleek four-door coupe and a hybrid of a minivan and a mini SUV, Audi has now teased the forth sphere concept- the Activesphere.

The Activesphere concept is a versatile product that combines elegance and practicality for everyday use with performance. It is aimed for the premium-audience with an active lifestyle, looking to explore maximum possibilities.

Audi Activesphere Interior & Exterior

The lone teaser image reveals Activesphere holds a tall stature with sleek bodywork. A low slung roof and large set of wheel gives it the appearance of a two door off-road crossover. We’re not completely confident of it being a two-door vehicle, since it is not very clear in the teaser shot. The design of the fascias is similar to the previous sphere concepts with narrow and sharply designed headlights. However, the futuristic interior of sphere concept vehicles is the main highlighting point. 

Audi Activesphere Battery and Specifications

Although Audi has not disclosed anything about specific features, but the Activesphere concept will also be full of next-gen technologies, including level four autonomous driving capabilities and restful interiors just like the other three models.

Audi Activesphere Launch Date

Audi in its approach is trying to reimagining the passenger experience and redefining premium mobility so it would be interesting to wait till the beginning of 2023 when the Activesphere make its first public debut.

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