What’s Rivian Camp Mode for?

Rivian pitches its R1 series models as outdoor adventure vehicles for customers with active lifestyles who often travel on the paths less traveled. Rivian has been adding features to its models that tackle the challenges and inconveniences faced in the outdoors. In its latest software update, the automaker has added Camp Mode which is a new standalone app that can make camping in R1T or R1S a lot more fun, convenient and comfortable. The Rivian Camp mode has several unique features such as leveling feature, Stay On & Stay Off feature, and Camp Courtesy feature. 

Rivian R1T Camping Truck

The biggest highlight of Camp mode is the auto leveling feature, it utilizes Rivian’s algorithm and sensors to adjust the air suspension in tires thus leveling the vehicle. Setting up camp on uneven or sloped terrain can be really frustrating but now with the R1 models it just takes a few clicks to level the vehicle. The new leveling feature can raise or lower each corner of the vehicle individually to provide a level platform and that can make your camping experience much more relaxing. Be it cooking or sleeping or tent building or even just opening & closing the doors of the vehicle, everything will be smooth. 

Rivian R1T Camping Setup

Stay On & Stay Off energy settings on the Camp Mode let you preserve as much battery as possible if you are far away from a charger, especially when camping in the wilderness. The Stay On settings will keep vehicle’s systems online & running so you will be able to use mostly all the functions. And the Stay Off energy settings will turn off pretty much everything, the power outlets, central screen, gear guard system, everything will be turned off in order to maximize the battery life.

Rivian R1T camping in Outdoors

Camp Courtesy feature can help you on occasions when you are camping in close proximity to other people and you do not wish to disturb them. It turns off all exterior lights, proximity locking and also sets the climate system to run at a lower setting so as to make less noise.

Additionally, Camp Mode also activates vehicle’s flood lights embedded in the mirrors that can be used to illuminate the campsite. Flood lights can be controlled individually and will continue to work even when the mirrors are folded.

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